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The Curse of the Babywoman

The Curse of the Babywoman

Shrubtown is a small town for small-minded people preoccupied by social mores and the new Bob’s Big Boy. But everyone has secrets, and one secret toddles to life every night. Can Shrubtown stand up to a creature that can barely walk?

Cast Size: 9 Players

Runtime: Approximately 1 hr 40 min.

The Curse of the Babywoman was produced by BIG Theatre Company as part of the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival.

“…sweet and quick comedy reminiscent of A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder and Monty Python, with a hint of Austin Powers.” – Gabriella Steinberg


The Journeymen and Womyn With a Y


The Journeymen and Womyn with a Y   

Both darkly comic and absurd, The Journeymen and Womyn With a Y focuses on issues of faith, relationships, suicide, death, STDs, love, loss, and permanent erections both inside and outside the realm of a fringe suicide cult.
Cast Size: 13-19 Players

Runtime: Approximately 80 Min.

Past performances have included a run at The Overtime Theater in San Antonio, TX; and a reading at The Barrow Group Theater in NYC, courtesy of Open Bar Theatricals.

“The show, directed with a sense of play by Liz Vermeulen, has a screwy energy that makes even the weirdest moments hang together.” – Deborah Martin




Alcoholics Oblivious

My girlfriend and I forgo alcohol during the season of Lent.


The Astoria Food Critic

Using his Lengua de Oro, Astoria’s premier food critic praises and punishes restaurants, cafes, gastropubs, and eateries all around Astoria.


The Orient by Occident

A log of my time spent in Asia.